Make programs visually!

Runnable flowcharts for the web
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Laptop with flowchart in it
Interactive visual editor for making programs

The most intuitive way to get into programming.
Visual representation of a program helps a lot, especially when you are a beginner.
Executing it and seeing how it works helps even more!

Editor helps you as much as possible.
It highlights the syntax errors as you type.

When your program crashes, you will see a nice error message in the output.
The node where the error happened will be highlighted in red color.

Works with any browser

No installation needed.
Offline ready.
Add it to your desktop/homescreen as a real app!

Helps you understand programs

Nobody learns in the same way, some learn visually.

Run and see how your program works!

You can see the current values of variables while the program is running.

Generates real code

FlowRun generates code for Java, Python, JavaScript, Scala and other programming languages.

See how real code looks like, so your path to a real programming will be smoother.

Clicking on a node will highlight the corresponding generated code in the panel.

Visualizes complex flows

Just follow the arrows and see how a program works.

Use functions to group common code and reuse it as needed.

Interactive tutorials

Interactive tutorials will guide you all the way from the "Hello World" program to using powerful functions.

Tutorials are based on small, focused tasks, and every tutorial has a working solution.

By solving exercises you will get much better at programming, especially if you do it alone.
Of course, you can always get back to tutorials to get some inspiration and remind yourself what tools you have at hand.

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