Frequently Asked Questions

Can it run offline?

Yes. website is implemented as a PWA (Progressive Web App).
It caches some of the files, so you can use the coding editor and tutorials while offline.
FlowRun can also be "installed" on your homescreen (even on desktops!).

How is it built?

FlowRun relies on shoulders of giants.
First of all it uses basic Web techs like HTML/CSS/JS and PWA APIs.
Next, it is actually written in ScalaJS, which compiles to JavaScript.
Why? Because Scala is really good for writing compilers.

Next, it uses Graphviz via d3-graphviz library,
which uses WebAssembly under the hood.
You can Copy the DOT source for each function that is displayed,
and generate an SVG/PDF/JPG or any other format that Graphviz supports.

Do you plan to add more features?

Maybe it will have arrays supported sometimes in the future.
But you can already have lots of fun with Strings and recursion! ;)