FlowRun is a project by Sakib Hadžiavdić.
He is a programmer from Bosnia, and he likes open source software very much. :)

I remember my first steps into programming.
We were drawing these flowchart diagrams by hand on paper.
For some of us it was intuitive how a computer would interpret it, but for others it was a mystery.
It is a bit unfair to expect that everyone will understand what was drawn on that piece of paper.
We should use every possible tool for explaining programming to people.
FlowRun is just one of them.

Later on we moved to writing Pascal, and for some of us it "clicked" a bit better now.
It's because we could actually try and play with programs!!
And that's the whole idea, until you get your hands dirty you will hardly ever understand how programming works. :)
FlowRun has code generation, so it helps even in this direction.

FlowRun takes a lot of inspiration from Flowgorithm, and awesome tool that has the same purpose as FlowRun.
But unfortunately it only supports Windows.